In the past two and a half years training with Meryl I have seen amazing results. I was 59 when we started and was fresh off of a hip replacement!  I had never done a squat or a dead lift in my life. Meryl started me on air squats with a box… I’m doing sets of barbell back squats at 150#. Having struggled with my lower back on and off for years, I never imagined doing deadlifts…..the other day I did 10 at 145#!  She trained me gradually yet seemed to dig out an extra 5% more than I thought I brought to the gym at every workout.  Meryl is relentless in her drive towards total fitness! This includes always knowing what her client's goals are and helping to achieve these with advice and knowledge to be used both in and out of the gym. For me, I received an awesome strength and conditioning coach, an amazing nutritionist, a super good listener, and a fantastic friend. -John S.

I'm not sure where to begin to talk about all the good things about training with Meryl. Before I met Meryl, I worked with a trainer who I grew to be very comfortable with as far as training style and personality. We had a great relationship until one day she had to move away. In her place I met Meryl, who I initially was, in honesty, a little skeptical about. I knew that she did not have as much experience as my former trainer, and had a very different style from what I knew and what I had been doing, but I was up for the challenge and eager to get started working with her.  We have come a long way since that first day we met. The results I have yielded have far exceeded my expectations. I have been able to lift in numbers I have never thought I'd be capable of. She holds me accountable and always shows a sincere care in my fitness program and well being. She has a breadth of knowledge and anything she does not know the answer to, she will always find. I've watched her grow a lot as a trainer/coach and she has become someone who inspires me and really someone I'd like to set my goals after. I've had lots of fun getting to train with her and I am glad to have been apart of her journey. -Christina M

Meryl is an awesome coach! I have always been an athlete.  From tee ball to ultramarathons, challenging myself physically has been a hallmark of my personality.  In 2015, I set my sights on what I believe is the ultimate fitness challenge:  Ironman triathlon.  But this goal quickly became more than just a physical challenge, and became a mental and physical transformation led by Meryl.  I was referred to Meryl in 2015 during a very vulnerable and unstable time in my life.  My dietitian at the time suggested I reach out to Meryl following completion of treatment for an eating disorder that I struggled with since age 12.  My Ironman goals combined with recovery from a serious eating disorder present a unique challenge to any team of coaches and doctors, and I was advised by countless people to give up on the Ironman for my own health and safety.  I heard over and over that eating disorders and Ironman “don’t go together.”  I was feeling discouraged and confused and then Meryl welcomed me as a client with optimism, confidence, and most importantly compassion.  She took time to understand the complex nature of my disease and how it affected me and my training, but also how to help me reach my goals.  Over the past two years, Meryl has made me stronger as an athlete and a person and on 15 Oct 2017, I became an Ironman.  She worked with my specific needs as a distance athlete to give me more power, better overall strength, and improved mobility while I trained over 20 hours a week swimming, biking, and running.  She was patient and careful with my injuries that pushed me to the brink of giving up, but because of her dedication I was able to keep my strength up and I learned how to take care of my body and prevent further injury.  I owe every pound of my lifts and every second of my Ironman to Meryl, and I can’t wait to continue working with her as I push harder than ever towards my goals.  I learned that I’m stronger than I think and that I can handle a lot of life.  I’m a completely different person today, mentally and physically, because of how dedicated and compassionate my team is, including Meryl as my strength and conditioning coach.  I brag about her constantly and make people jealous of how awesome my team is….but the proof is in the pudding because I’m stronger than ever.  She’s seen me laugh, cry, barely front squat a bar and  she never gave up. -Emma R