Challenging you to be better


Meryl Binder: Owner/Head Coach


I’ve been a coach and trainer since 2012 and have been involved in sports and fitness for most of my life. I have been contracted by different people/gyms/organizations for the past few years including Elevated Fitness, Cannon AFB, Athletics Evolved, and Clovis Swim Team.  I learned SO MUCH during that time and it all helped develop me into the coach and trainer that I am today.

Working for others was amazing, but, I always wanted to bear a name that represented me. Fast forward to 2017 when Wicked Iron Strength & Conditioning was born.  A name that holds my heart and passion. I have and will continue to put my all into this business and the realm of strength & conditioning, fitness, and health & wellness.

I have experience working with all kinds of people from many different levels of fitness. I love ALL kinds of lifting. I enjoy challenging myself in and outside of the gym- I want to continue learning and expanding upon my experience and knowledge both as an athlete and a coach/trainer.  When you sign up to work with me you are asking to be pushed, you are expected to work hard, and you will find who you want to be.