Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

When’s the last time that you did something that scared you? What is the last thing you did that was completely out of your comfort zone? How did it make you feel before, during, and after?

This past weekend was filled with spontaneity, fear, uneasy situations, and a lot of new and unknown territory. It was also filled with joy, laughter, strength, exhilaration, and accomplishment. 

I went to the Istrian Coast with a friend who was interested in doing some cliff jumping. The thought of it was a little scary but the real fear set in when I actually got up there. I got to the edge of the rocks, looked down, and immediately felt uneasy and SCARED. I hesitated, I kept looking down, and I thought of all the bad things that could happen. In my head I knew that I still wanted to do it and eventually I took a deep breath and jumped. AMAZING! INVIGORATING! I GOT THIS!

Each time I got back up to the edge I felt jittery. My nerves were still there, but, each time my excitement grew as well. I stopped looking down and thinking about the worst. I started gaining confidence in myself mentally and physically. 

GUYS!!! Nerves are normal and being scared is okay, but, you shouldn’t let them stop you from doing things. Being uncomfortable is GOOD.  One of my favorite statements is: get comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s where you grow and develop.