For those that don't know, I had a huge transition in life about 6 months ago as I moved to Hungary from New Mexico as part of military PCS . This stirred up QUITE A BIT in my life. I had been living a life of routine: Wake-up between 4:15-4:30am, drink all the coffee (on the run), go coach for x hours, eat, coach for x hours, eat, lift, coach, eat, sleep. I worked A LOT, I didn't have a ton of time for myself, we didn't travel often, etc.

Fast forward to living in Hungary...

I CAN'T have the working schedule that I did before even if I wanted to. I had to switch my coaching to a distance/remote style- this is VERY different from physically coaching and interacting with people. I don't have such a set schedule anymore since I can mostly maneuver remote work to whenever I plan. I can usually workout and lift whenever I want and I can spend as much time as I'd like in the gym. I can sit in the morning and have coffee out of a mug on the couch and eat food out of a dish instead of drinking coffee while driving and eating food out of a tupperware in my car. Doesn't this all sound great?! Overall, it IS great, but, it has also been a HUGE switch.

I MISS having a set schedule sometimes. I DEFINITELY miss seeing all of my friends and clients on a day to day basis. I miss the connection and emotions that go along with coaching in person. I have had to adjust to a completely new way of doing work- learning social media (AH), posting and growing audiences (AHH), websites (AHHH), online billing, learning how to connect with people that I coach so it does still feel personal and special (something I value so much), etc.

I'm learning to embrace the situation and grow from it both as a person and as a business. I'm becoming more tech-savy each day, I'm learning what works and doesn't work, I'm learning how to streamline tasks, I have time to spend on myself and learn more about myself (in turn I believe this makes me a much better coach), I'm trying new things in ALL aspects of my life, and I'm finding balance in everything I do. 

New situations can be very scary and very uncomfortable, but, they can also be used to grow, expand, and develop. I'm looking forward to seeing this business grow and I'm happy to have the opportunity to coach and train people all over the world. 

I hope you follow along...


P.S....NO, I do NOT miss waking up at 4:15 every morning